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Sugar Daddy

She is most definitely with him for his looks and personality. You definitely don’t want to miss the two other pics inside…

And things get even better!

88 responses to "Sugar Daddy"

  1. Bruce Jones says:

    Wow. What a pretty girl.
    Its hard to imagine if there is any romance in her heart for him. If she is just with him for the money, I feel sorry for her. How can you respect yourself?

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  2. IIrai says:

    I think I just puked ¬¬

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  3. Jay says:

    3.) …Maybe they actually love eachother…

    Although I doubt number 3 is possible..

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  4. lil says:

    That girl is definitly a gold digger.. why else would she stay

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  5. Fredtheman says:

    Wonder how much she cost him

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  6. Lulu says:

    Eeewwww! I’m glad I wasn’t on this beach or I would have barfed.

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  7. sarah says:

    Love is blind but it sure ain’t cheep.

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  8. jamacattack says:

    I think he’s paying by the hour.

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  9. WILD MAN says:

    I want to be just like him when I get old

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  10. Fred says:

    I wish I was that rich.

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  11. maria says:

    Why do you all think there is no love involved? Just because he is older or overweight? You are all just jealous, hahaha!

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  12. Nagger says:

    He REALLY likes his daughter.

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  13. Kyle says:

    3 words. Mail Order Bride.

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  14. Gunner says:

    maybe she’s found out that most guys her age or within a few years are mostly found on sister site d-bag planet, where we can see the kind of idiots she probably had to put up with prior to finding out that older men(and I include myself, I’m 50) are much better at caring for their partner. Instead of being self-serving and selfish and believing that they are God’s gift to the world. Or maybe she wanted someone to go to the beach with her instead of sitting at home watching the game(please apply the proper sport here) and ignoring her.

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  15. Gunner says:

    Or maybe she has a Daddy complex and he has lots of money….either way…he’s getting it….more power to him!!!!

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  16. John says:

    Gunner stay down in your mothers basement,while I’m bangin’ the be-jesus out of her…thanks son

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  17. Stevie says:

    I bet she’s doing her best not to throw up when she’s kissing and dry humping him.

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  18. Sarah says:

    My guess is that these were staged just for this site.

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  19. You know… I agree with Gunner. I’m 35 and dating a 24 year old girl. Many guys her age are not too far out of college, running around partying, and hardly established financially or even emotionally. What I can supply her with is not only the money to do fun things, but also stability. It helps that I look at least 5 years younger than I am, but I can supply my little lady with something the younger guys can’t… a mature relationship.

    And still, is something like this insinuated relationship really that bad? We all want companionship right? Even if this was a financial relationship, so what? They both have companionship and they’re both getting something out of it. Let’s say they stay together until he dies. Then he got to enjoy the last years of his life, and then she gets the financial reward. I don’t see a problem with this (unless his family gets screwed in the process).

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  20. mike says:

    She looks so uncomfortable in these pics. She’s hot though…

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  21. Michael says:

    He paid for her boob job

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  22. Bruce Jones says:

    @TSIJ: Are you a moron? The guy is old enough to be her grandfather. She is a way hot girl. She could get any guy (almost) she wants. I’ve seen the movie “Breezy”…but come on.

    The guy is a dirty old man. So are you from the sound of it. Who says a young guy can’t have a mature relationship with a girl? It sounds like you are making excuses for yourself because you can’t be a man to someone your own age and have to use your age difference to dominate some young girl who you seduce in your wacked out world.

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  23. missy says:

    He might be a dirty old man but she is a whore. There is no way that money is not exchanging hands here some place.

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  24. BlueGuy says:

    Where do you think she got those boobs from?!!

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  25. @ Missy – Soldiers get paid to kill people. Are they reprehensible murderers then? Everyone does something in exchange for something else. Just because you have an ugly dried up twat doesn’t give you the right to point fingers.

    @ Bruce Jones – I hardly think someone who is 35 is a “dirty old man.” And even if I am old, I’ve had relationships with women that are younger than me, I’ve had relationships with women that were older than me. So I’ve been a man to women of all ages. To immediately conclude that I am some lecherous old creep (at 36?!?! c’mon!) is ludicrous. And I am speaking from experience. At 24, I was not even close to being able to have a mature relationship. I was running aroung boozing it up and staying out all night and acting like a fool. And so were all my friends. And all the mid-20s guys that were out at the same time doing the same things we were. Without a doubt women mature quicker than men. They do physically and they do mentally. You can’t deny the evidence. I see no harm in a woman dating someone 10 years older than her. How do you feel about a 34 year old woman dating a 45 year old guy? What about 44 dating 55? what about 54 dating 65? Do you still feel so strongly about that age difference as people get older?

    I’m not making excuses for anyone. All I’m saying is that if no one is getting hurt, shut up and live and let live. Stop being a bunch of judgemental douchebags. Who gave you the right to judge anyone? I’m sure your lives are far from perfect… and if they are, I’ll tell you that they most definitely do not match my ideals of perfection.

    And I’ve never heard of Breezy let alone watched it.

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  26. Bruce Jones says:

    @TSIJ: Dude, you’re just not getting it. In your case, age has nothing to do with being a dirty old man.

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  27. That Girl says:

    Whoa, ya’ll are taking this way too seriously! I agree that these look totally staged. Somebody wanted to be on beach creeps bad!

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  28. Jamie says:

    @TSIJ, there is hardly a big difference between 35 and 24. You can’t really compare that to a 20-30 year old being with a 50-60 year old.

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  29. SuJon says:

    LOL! I can’t help wondering what you all would be saying if this was a 60 year old woman rubbing herself off on a 20 year old guy?

    What it boils down to is that anything society considers outside the norm, is frowned upon. Unfortunately for this dude, we tend to frown upon fat, balding old perverts getting frisky with a younger chick with big, fake boobs.

    And I agree that she looks terribly uncomfortable.

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  30. i know this isnt the case, but MAYBE she is actually in love with the guy. stranger things have happened.

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  31. I dunno Bruce Jones… I saw a lot of “you, you, you…” and I thought you were directly attacking me. I’m going to guess that I was wrong in thinking that, but I still stand by my arguments. But maybe I’m not wrong in thinking that your still attacking my lifestyle. Age has nothing to do with me being a dirty old man, but something else does? What is it then?

    Women have been married off by their families to men much older than they for millenia. This practice STILL takes place all throughout the world. What a shame it would be if they arranged it themselves and profitted from it themselves… instead of them getting sold off and their fathers getting all the loot.

    I still see no problem with this going on between concenting adults. I do however still condemn finger pointing.

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  32. Jami says:

    How do you know she doesn’t really just love him?

    1: Some women like older men because they treat them better then guys their own age. Plus some women are more mentally & emotionally mature then guys their own age and therefore get along better with older men.

    2: Women tend to not be as shallow as men. It’s not about looks to us. It’s about a guy who treats us nice, doesn’t abuse us, and has excellent hygiene. (Because no woman likes a man with BO.)

    Don’t judge by looks. She probably had some boyfriends who beat her or at least verbally abused her and now she’s with a man who can treat a woman right!

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  33. Andrea says:

    I met my husband when I was 19 and he was 28. We’ve been married for 7 years. I’m now 29 and he’s 38, and we’re a perfect match. He’s definitely treated me better than some younger guys.

    @That Same Internet Jerk, I agree with you that there’s nothing wrong with an older man going for a younger woman :)

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  34. Elmo says:

    THAT MAN IS MY HERO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  35. Drtycwboy says:

    I met my wife at 29 and she was 47. We’ve been married for 10 years now. Works for us.

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  36. Sonja says:

    He gets hot T&A, she gets anything she wants. It looks like a win/win to me!

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  37. liz says:

    You people do not have a clue. I’m 23 and my husband is 52, and I am in love with him – and we have no money at all! Money has nothing to do with it – older men don’t have the same hang-ups and treat women a lot better than boys.

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  38. Muff Master says:

    Maybe that dude has a unit the size of a Pringles can.

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  39. He is really a thin person – that gut all turns into dick at night!

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  40. He probably absolutely adores her and treats her like a princess. It’s what all us true women want. Oh and a good lay. Can you really blame her if a concrete financial situation is also what she looked for? They are probably happier than most because they know who they are and what they want. Watch “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes”.

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  41. Gunner says:

    What’s wrong John….are you one of those who got dumped by an ex because she found out what a d-bag you are? Your idiotic comment only proves that you are an immature little boy who hasn’t grown up and really needs to. Have you graduated from middle school yet?

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  42. loli says:

    well lots people here are crazy , I’m 25 years old and my husband is 53 years old and I love him, and although I looks younger than him , I don’t care about it, I know in teh past i thought girls would saty with old guys for thier money but this time teh life showed me it’s lies , for to love don’t exist age !

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  43. Kidd says:

    I agree with That Same Internet Jerk.
    Just because you wouldn’t do it doesn’t mean she wouldn’t…. And it doesn’t mean its wrong.
    Its not that big of a deal. Sooo what? I mean, I’m 13 and I think this is rediculous.
    Mature up. Its sorta pathetic.

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  44. Fatso says:

    I am 42 years old and VERY fat. I am lower middle class in regards to income. I have absolutely nothing going for me in the looks depsartment, however, I also have no problems hooking up with much younger, beautiful women. Many women out there would prefer someone who is smart, confident, a great dancer, has a great sense of humor, etc., than some musclehead douchebag who treats her like shit. These women are not shallow and don’t pick their men based soley on looks. Fat old dudes can get hot young women… get over it!

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  45. Joebob says:

    She is probably a high-priced escort that he rented for the day…

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  46. Mandysmom90 says:

    OK. Let’s forget about the age difference.There are kids hanging out on the beach that really don’t need to see this. If I saw anybody on the beach acting like this, I would walk up to them and let them know they needed to get a room. The kiss I can handle, but the dry humping is going a little too far. No class what so ever.

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  47. Cheers to all the couples with age differences! Especially Andrea, Liz, and Dirtycowboy! And thanks Dirtycowboy for reminding us that older women get younger men too. It doesn’t matter when you’re in love.

    Mandysmom90? Do you know what beach this is? If it’s in state park somewhere… sure, that type of open display of physical affection is inappropriate. But what if this is at a nudist beach? Then these two are WAY outta line for wearing too much clothing, and I’m VERY appalled!!!

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  48. Lori W. says:

    seriously, who cares how she feels for him? He gets a hot trophy girlfriend, his friends are jealous, and I’m sure his wife had no idea until she saw this site! HA!! You GO DADDY GO!

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  49. heybob says:

    I wonder how much she cost to rent !!!

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  50. Deb says:

    Okay, has everybody lost their minds?!! Not to mention self control and self respect. AAARRRGGGHHH. OOPS just puked too!

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  51. Gofor it says:

    Quit hating, maybe he’s slangin wang. Keep doing what you’re doing old guy, lol

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  52. Bud says:

    Have you ever watched any of those horror movies that have lots of BEACH BUNNIES being chased around by horny fish monsters??This is even creepier,she looks like she would rather be someplace else…….

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  53. Moe Dirt says:

    Damn, Justin Timberlake must have hurt Cameron Diaz pretty bad if she’s bangin Santa now.

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  54. Jrob says:

    MandysMom, seriously get over it, kids see much worse on commercials these days. If you actually did have the moxy to march over there and speak your mind(which I doubt), youd probably be told to STFU, and go away. Then what are you gonna say?

    You may not like it, but the bottom line is nobody cares what you think.

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  55. Okay I’m a 22 year old girl, dating at 34, soon to be 35 year old man. I genuinely like and care for him (might even be in love with him but it’s too early to say still), he’s not paying me for anything. We get along amazingly, he treats me like like the way any woman dreams of being treated.

    Just because guys my age will see him and I together and automatically assume it’s for financial gain doesn’t mean that it is. That’s just jealousy rearing it’s ugly head.

    No one can say for sure what’s going on in that relationship but it’s unfair to make harsh assumptions.

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  56. gotsnape says:

    This woman is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay put off by this guy. Look at her posture, the way she has her arm between their bodies, while he is practically lunging in her direction. Either this was staged, or this chick has some serious issues. If I had been on this beach, I would have been hunting me a piece of drift wood and tearing up some old, flabby butt.

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  57. mike says:

    Can you say Escort?

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  58. Fuckaroon says:

    All I have to say is: NO FUCKIN WAY.

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  59. Knot Ewe says:

    What’s more pathetic?

    1.- Arguing on a joke website?
    2.- Defending what you say(“the lady doth protest to much”)

    Great pic. I hope to get a Craigslist hooker for a day when I’m old.

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  60. David says:

    Ah the life of a zillionaire.

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  61. kayb says:

    a man can have a hump on his back in his case its on his stomach, as long as he has money he can get any woman he wants…but we will never know what the case is here…mail order bride, paid escort, or true love…

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  62. Jonno says:

    Oh man Jack Nicholson got really fat

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  63. bobbbbbbbb says:

    poor old fool

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  64. Azrael says:

    Whore in life whore in death.

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  65. Gary says:

    I have seen this pic before on another site and i think this lady is an actress or porn star something like that.

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  66. He probably bought her those boos – they’re sure not real! I just hope they’re both happy :/

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  67. TERIZE says:

    Well i do believe in love and she can love him without money. i am not old but over weight and i started working out and found my girl that is so sexy that people hit on her in the mall with me right there and she turns around and tells them she is with me. Real love see’s no age, color, weight, or handicap. im happy and so is she and i am no where near rich, but i provide, we will be married in a few months.

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  68. Hunter says:

    I think she loves him for those boobs he paid for

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  69. Droid says:

    David Crosby?!?!?

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  70. bex says:

    she looks like Jessie from Saved by the Bell! btw, this is gross!

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  71. My mother looks 20 years younger than she is (good genes, no surgery)She’s thin and beautiful. Her husband of 20 years(who is 4 years younger), didn’t age nearly as well. He looks at least 15 years older than he is AND is now nearing 250 lbs. They wouldn’t act like this in a public place but people must question the relationship. I can tell you, it ain’t about money!

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  72. Padjac says:

    You should have see her before he had her remodeled.
    I would call this a good rebuild.
    A little money spent sometimes pay back great dividends!

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  73. Mandi says:

    I have a girlfriend who is my age,who JUST married a much older man(10 years) & she is pretty, & he looks old, such as this couple. THEY are in love, why wouldn’t these 2 be? PLUS I have another girlfriend who’s also my age 32, & SHE is with a man who is 20 years older than HER, & THEY are in love. IT IS POSSIBLE.

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  74. gina says:

    eruh…i think i like TSIJ….so yea anyway i have always liked older men something that runs in the family i guess my moms husband is 20 years older then her my sisters is 15 and the last guy i dated was 18 years older then me a comfortable situation for me its more then just the money that is involved with me its the idea of being able to talk to them and not be judged because they have been there done that the fact that all the silly games go out the window if ur mad at them they are not gonna say fuck that bitch im goin to fuck shorty up the street. or whatever guys say most of the time they actually care and are not afraid to show it they care as much about what is goin on as u do just a very intimate relationship mind body and soul for me. i love to be able to talk to my man joke and everything that goes along with it that most younger guys sit around and say pffttt im not doin that i aint never doin that for no chick OLDER MEN TAKE CARE OF YOU. if it sounds weird when i say it so be it but i dont go lookin for a man to pay my bills but i would like to know that if something happens and i need help they arent just gonna say um…so what do u want me to do. they know their roll i call my men my DADDY. hahaha they play that role i guess but i dont think of my dad when im with my DADDY thats all im out of this pic now

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  75. aquadragon says:

    Ahhhh the things money CAN buy.

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  76. catseye says:

    She looks very sad, the money must not be doing it anymore.

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  77. noellyboo says:

    She kind of looks like a blonde Angelina Jolie.

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  78. Keri says:

    Hmmm, there is a possibility she is not a gold digger and that there is actually a loving relationship here…..
    I speak from experience here I am a beautiful 25 year old ENGAGED to an attractive 45 year old man, who I have been with for almost 3 years now.. does that make me a gold digger, I think not!! Love is very blind!!

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  79. alex says:

    yay for love and all that jazz and maybe they really are but I’m willing to bet he is rich cause she doesn’t look like she is fine with him at all. It seems pretty obvious from body language that she is not that comfortable.

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  80. Jane says:

    I agree with those who think it’s staged for this site. If not, I can’t believe the people who aren’t grossed out by it. It’s not the age difference, it’s the fact that he is disgusting! And the guy who said we all need companionship….hanging out w/someone you are not physically attracted with is fine for a friendship, not a romance. As for the money….ever hear of a job? Then the money is all yours, and not given to you at someone else’s whim.

    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

  81. Jane says:

    mandi, are you for real? A 10 yr age difference you call a MUCH older man? The two in these pictures have about a 40 year age difference.

    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

  82. Frosty says:

    yeah. he’s rich.

    no other explanation.

    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

  83. Trey says:

    that looks just like Angelina Jolie…

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  84. Linda Lou says:

    What’s the big deal? So he hired a hooker, so what?

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  85. Greywolf says:

    Why is it when an older man dates a younger woman he is called a “Dirty Old Man”? But when an older woman dates a younger man she is just called a “Cougar”? Why can’t the older men be called Panthers or something like that? I have news for you folks…Age is just a number. I’m 42 but I don’t act or feel 42. I have long hair, mainly because of my Native American heiratige, but also because I’m a rebel too. I don’t like going with the “norm”. Still love rock & roll and I love a lot of the alternitave rock thats out there. I’m into tattoos, but I’m not covered in them. Would LOVE to own a Harley but my finances just won’t allow me to have one right now. BUT…I also love nature and animals and such too. Its who you are, not how old you are and usually not how much money you have that attracts the women. I know this for a fact because I’ve dated plenty of many different ages. One of the women I dated recently was a drop dead GORGEOUS blond who was 29 with double D’s and a body like an hourglass. She liked me for WHO I was not for what I had. I know that ’cause I don’t have much. Materialistically speaking. Maybe the fella in the pic. is the same way. Who knows? You men want a beautiful woman to be with you? Its easy, pay attention to her, show her respect, show her passion and a bit of romance, listen to her, show her you care about her and what she cares about, don’t be fake, don’t lie to her, don’t cheat on her, spend time with her, and if you feel that its not gonna work out between the two of you, be a man and let her know. Don’t just let the relationship drag out and become a living hell for the 2 of you. Its best to be honest up front and seperate and still be friends than end up being enemies for life. ‘Cause, who knows, somewhere down the line she might know someone to set you up with who might turn out to be “The One”.

    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

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