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Babe of the Day: Declaration of Sexy

13 responses to "Babe of the Day: Declaration of Sexy"

  1. wide one says:

    Salute !!!

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  2. Robert says:

    God Bless America!!!!!!!!

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  3. rbh says:

    Beautiful, elegant, and 100% real – excellent.

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  4. Kritz0 says:

    Actually, an attractive womyn who really does look nice – not like a lot of these bimbo pictures posted here of attention seeking, poorly dressed desperate husseys. She pretty. oh, btw….there is NO god(s), Robert

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  5. I agree with Robert. GOD BLESS AMERICA !!!!!

    Kritz0 – Apparently you don’t believe in spell checker either!

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  6. Kritz0 says:

    I’m so sorry. You have to excuse me. Whenever I go online without using my favorite toy first, I feel a little tense. But I’m all better now.

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  7. Dave Braun says:

    Kritz0-God would like to have a conversation with you,she is purdy,you and I are,and so is my wife a somewhat overweight breast cancer survivor ! “BTW” – I’m a zen Buddhist ! Om Mani Padme Hum !

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  8. Kritz0 says:

    English Professor Snardley McFard: I’ll bypass the spell checker if you’ll still give me an “A” on my report card? But you CAN keep the “god bit” to yourself – I prefer not to follow after non-existant entities and spiritual pipe dreams

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  9. bambam says:

    if you think those boobs are real, then you’re real retarded.

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  10. StrokerAce says:

    Wow bambam, and here I thought she was really on a beach, too!

    Real or not, I’d still squeeze ‘em and tweak her nipples!

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  11. Muff Master says:

    And God bless the T ‘n A, too!

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  12. kritz0 says:

    KENDALL stop using my name.. You stupid fucking whore.

    You WISH you could be this. Stop commenting on things just because your some little girl whos gotten her poor little feelings upset.
    Stupid bitch.

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  13. Bud says:

    Oh man,I would love to motorboat this lovely lady until we both see stars and stripes,she is so beautiful they had to put a couple of extra e’s into the word……

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