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Babe of the Day: Teen Mom

I’d fill in as baby daddy of her bastard child. ┬áMore full size pics of this MILF inside

40 responses to "Babe of the Day: Teen Mom"

  1. George says:

    The poor girl injured her wrist. I wish I were there to comfort her by making sweet, passionate, and pleasurable love to her sexy bottom.

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  2. StrokerAce says:

    Oh yeah, I’d hit that!

    George, you need to get over to Girls in Yoga Pants if you like butts so much! ;)

    (Unless you’re already there under another name.)

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  3. wheresmikeys says:

    That is NOT a sexy bottom. Gross. She looks like a skeleton.

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  4. Kendall says:

    This is a teenager? She honestly doesn’t look it. But if she is a teen mom, that’s the last thing we need – more teens who can’t take care of themselves let alone kids they bring into the world for not using protection when having sex.

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  5. George says:

    @ StrokerAce, I do go the the Girls in Yoga Pants site. The webmasters over there do a great job.

    @ Kendall, I agree with you regarding responsible parenting. It is very important for a man and woman to conceive a child only after they have carefully considered the commitment required to be good parents. That is one of the reasons why I am a vocal and passionate advocate for my preferred method of lovemaking.

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  6. DugoutNut says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  7. ClitMaster says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  8. this girl is pretty, and in great shape.
    What makes beachcreeps think she is a MILF?
    @ George: This lady would certainly benefit from a sensitive lover that adores her backside. Shile she is certainly not goddess material in the Order of Gluteal Passion, she could be a minor acolyte at the Grand Church, taking care of duties such as washing the more prominent goddess bottoms.

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  9. Brittney says:

    @ booty worshipper–that’s Farrah Abraham from Teen Mom on mtv. That’s why she is a MILF.

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  10. Ghoullyman says:

    Can we say anorexic bobblehead doll? She is hideous big ass nosed skeleton. Seeriously her head is way bigger than her body.

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  11. billybob says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  12. It seems that people don’t know who she is. She’s from the MTV show 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom. After seeing her on the show I can’t see her as a MILF.

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  13. Dr. Andrew says:

    @ George: As a Clinical Psychologist with 20+ years experience, I have to admit that reading your daily postings is somewhat entertaining. However, I can’t help but put forth my observations. Your “obsession” is just that… an obsession, and most likely (I would say somewhere in the neighborhood of 85%) your way of coping with your homosexuality. Your denial of this (e.g. bragging how many women you have pleased, your absolute heterosexuality, your prowess with the artform of anal intercourse) is only done to quickly deflect the truth, especially so that others who post on this site will not suspect the truth. I would recomment (albeit from a distance) that you embrace who you truly are rather than continue with such a blatant charade. You have nothing to be ashamed of.
    I fully expect that you will respond with another denial. However, I likewise expect that there are a number of other readers (who don’t even have degrees in Psychology) who see through this pretense. The more that you comment along the lines that you have been (e.g. every new posting that you make), the more that we all know that your true obsession is with other men and having them obsess over you. We will know this with every posting from now on that we see from you.
    Remember, healthy minds, bodies and spirits are derived from moderation in our passions. It is perfectly normal for men and women to admire and truly appreciate the beauty of both the male and female anatomy. However, your “obsession” with the female backside goes well beyond normal admiration, and more importantly is merely just a thinly-veiled mask for your homosexuality.

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  14. EZB says:

    Is that a young Peg Bundy?

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  15. nivek says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  16. George says:

    @ booty worshipper, I second your motion to induct this woman as a minor acolyte in the Holy Order of Gluteal Passion. Before she begins serving her duties I do believe she will benefit for the Order’s healing rituals. Let me know if you agree to allowing her to participate in the healing regimen despite the fact she is not currently a member of the Order.

    @ Dr. Andrew, thank you for your well written note to me. Although I do not agree with your assessment I will not ridicule your position or offer a rebuttal. You are entitled to your opinions and I believe you have convinced yourself that you are correct. As I am allowing you to pursue your passion, Internet psychology, without interuption please allow me the same freedom to pursue my passion.

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    • Cmoney says:

      Alright George!!! Good fro you, buddy! I am a chick, albeit bisexual and I love a nice derriere on a man or a woman! As the largest muscle group on your body, it shouldn’t be so painfully absent. Some say black women are ugly, some say flat asses are appalling. I say to each his own. No diagnoses needed here

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  17. Rick James says:

    Dr. Drew, I thought he was just a very lonely and creepy man, I like your in depth analysis a lot more

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  18. Mcgyver says:

    UMMMMM……..Doc, isn’t it true that some guys, even those that are pure hetero just prefer anal? Can’t the explanation just be as simple as that?? Hey….wait….you are not getting paid by the word, are you?

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  19. Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  20. @ George: Thats a very good suggestion, George. And I feel the healing rituals must be kept open and secular, rather than as a closed club not accessible to infidels.
    On other thoughts, there are other fine young behinds that are just ripe for induction into the pantheon.
    The largest number in a single post is here: http://www.beachcreeps.com/babes-of-the-day-got-my-back/#more-9042
    and I see now that you have already surveyed those.

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  21. George says:

    @booty worshipper, the women on the page you linked should be Goddesses in the Holy Order of Gluteal Passion. After our new acolyte has been nursed back to health one of her firsts tasks can be the planning for the ceremony to honor these Goddesses.

    All praise and rejoice in the passion of the luscious female gluteus!

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  22. Those cannot be real. BOLT-ONS!!!
    Real tits rock!

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  23. anonymous says:

    I am female & prefer anal any day. No risks of getting preggo for one thing.

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  24. Bud says:

    Under 18 will get you 20 or more years in most states…

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  25. Rafa says:

    any of you people who can’t see why they’d call her a MILF, even know what MILF means?

    Deffinitely a MILF

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  26. trev says:

    shes the only reason i watch that stupid show with my wife. what a babe!

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  27. Lonnie says:

    @ trev…are you saying that you watch that show only so that you can perv at the young girls that appear on it? I wonder how you would react if you caught some older guy perving at your 16 yr old daughter as though she was a piece of meat.

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  28. wheresmikeys says:

    @ anonymous- I like that you enjoy anal. But, if you are worried about getting preggers find a guy who is fixed so you can also enjoy your puss being filled. Getting fixed was the best thing I ever did

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  29. angela says:

    @anonymous, just so you know, anal has a small chance of getting you pregnant. It can drip.

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  30. dave says:

    She’s cute, mom or teen or not. Thanks for the pic. I like her.

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  31. Laura says:

    Her and her babies dad werent married because they were young- on a technicality the baby is a bastard, but as the father died in a car accident before she was even able to tell him she was pregnant, maybe we could be a bit nicer?

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  32. anonymous says:

    Obviously none of you watch the show. She is a disgrace as a mom and a huge attention whore. By putting her on this site your helping feed her attention problem. Look up some of her behavior from the show….She is outrageously spoiled and is more worried about herself than her child. She may be pretty but any of you who would willing sleep with her after seeing how she acts is just as awful as she is or maybe just as shallow.

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  33. trev says:

    @lonnie: on the show they are atleast 17, 18. a 25 yr old man can’t look at a woman that age? how is that being a perv? did i say anything rude? did i say she was a piece of meat? i see comments much ruder then mine. shes a good looking lady whats so wrong about saying that?

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  34. Mack says:

    The “I volunteer, I help teen moms get there start” is from a Steve Marten stand up routine.

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  35. anonymous says:

    maybe she hurt her wrist because she’s a walking skeleton..

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  36. Miss Thang says:

    This chick likes to have way too much fun! Breakin’ wrists and havin’ babies! She needs to chill before somebody loses an eye.

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  37. Nicole says:

    i think people should leave teen moms alone who cares if there teen moms there children are here so get over it and stop calling the children bastards

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  38. anon says:

    @DugoutNut: She is nowhere close to a butterface, your dog in the pic however…

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  39. danyelle says:

    is that farrah from mtvs teen mom?

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